Simply clip Box Tops for Education labels from hundreds of different products to turn into the front office Tiger Power Programs Station, or via backpack mail.  Submit Box Tops in plastic bags or envelopes labeled with your child's name and teacher. Osuna has earned thousands of dollars through this easy program!  
In addition, you can earn Bonus Box Tops.  You’ll find special promotions and sweepstakes where you can enter for a chance to win thousands of Bonus Box Tops for Osuna.
For more information about the Box Tops program, click here.   For a list of participating Box Tops products, click here. New products are constantly being added, so be sure to check the list periodically.

Collection Tips

  • Ask for help! Friends and family that don't have kids in school may still
    purchase products listed above. Ask them to save labels for you!
  • Clip carefully. Box Tops need to have the expiration date on them.   
  • Clipped labels can be sent to school any time during the school year!